We created a collection of endangered Elephants to raise funds for the Tusk Trust. Tusk is a dynamic and pioneering organisation with over 25 years of experience initiating and funding conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa.


Tusk supports more than 60 field projects in 19 African countries that not only work to protect wildlife, but also help to alleviate poverty through sustainable development and educationamongst rural communities who live alongside the wildlife. HRH the Duke of Cambridge became the charity’s Royal Patron in 2005 and has been a proactive supporter of Tusk’s work ever since.

We fundraised through a series of events selling the elephants to support Tusk Trust.  One of which was the epic journey that Bex’s brother undertook to cycle across Africa in under 30 days from Namibia to Mozambique…
Ben Manners and Sallie Burrough between them have spent many years working and travelling in Africa, which has made them acutely aware of the pressures brought to bear on African wildlife and its increasingly fragmented and isolated habitat. And how did cycling across Africa help? Finding ways to protect and conserve wildlife habitat, whilst meeting the needs of local communities is no easy task but sometimes solutions are out there. They wanted to find out more about them and see them first-hand.



The team was be supported by a third member, Joy Singarayer, who acted as UK ‘mission control’. In addition Ben’s sister, Bex Manners, supported the teams fundraising efforts through Bex Rox.




Bex Rox produced two limited edition jewellery pieces and donated 50% of the sale proceeds to their cause.