Parasols are one of Chiang Mai’s most important traditionally produced handmade items.

They are made mostly made out of mulberry paper.  The production of which dates back to around 200 years old.

 The village of Bo Sang, a little to the north of Chiang Mai, has built a strong reputation for the manufacturing of parasols, and is probably the best-known exporter of this old rural craft in Thailand. From there, the trade has gone from strength to strength.  We visited Bo Sang to create some bespoke hand made parasols to celebrate summer and gift you one of the stunning pieces to go with our Iconic Bex Rox Alabama Cuff. 


Parasol making has flourished in Bo Sang, because of an abundance of natural materials, and the inclination of Bo Sang artisans for learning the craft. Painting is the final flourish in the process. The colours and designs include traditional thai pictures of scenery, animals, people and flowers.

The parasols present the cultural heritage and local wisdom, as well as lifestyle of the local people and the skills of making them have been transferred from generation to generation.


At Bex Rox we have now added limited edition Mulberry paper parasols to our collections as a gift to you when you purchase one of our Alabama Limited Edition cuffs. The parasols support the traditional techniques of the local women of Bo Sang through work and creativity.



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