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  • We Are Project 0: The Thorani Collection
  • We Are Project 0: The Thorani Collection

  • As part of our new journey, we have commited ourselves to helping projects all over the globe, helping in the best way we can: wearable art. On display at the immersive pop-up store in London, we created the Thorani collection, with 10% of sales going towards helping fix the world's largest solvable problem; the Ocean.

    Project 0 is a new generation focused on fixing the world's largest and most solvable problem - the ocean. As a global movement, they are supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, celebrities, campaigners, ocean experts and individuals, who are all working together to restore and protect the ocean.

    And the ocean needs it. Less than 3% is protected, countless fisheries are overexploited - the majority of predators are gone - huge amounts of plastic and waster are pouring into the ocean unchecked, half the coral reefs are gone, and dead zones cover huge swaths of ocean unable to support life.

    Project 0 is disrupting the status quo by empowering change. Raising huge sums of money will finish projects all over the world that have started but stalled due to a lack of support.



    The Thorani Collection fuses traditional techniques with modern design in 18ct gold and silver.

    The fish are a cultural symbol of the Inthar locals from Lake Inle where the local economy survives mostly on agriculture and fishing. The fish represent good luck and good fortune. Here Rebecca has taken the classic design and recreated it as an indigenous modern design.

    Unfortunately due to the rise in tourism, land reclamation and the deficient waste management around and on the lake it is threatening the natural environment with over 30 endemic species.

    The Thorani collection is not only supporting local traditional craft in Yangon but is also raising awareness to fixing the world's largest issue, the Ocean. 10% of the collection goes to We Are Project 0.

    Read more about the collection here