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  • Toxic Threads
  • Toxic Threads

  • We recently attended the Toxic Threads talk, brought to us by the Advaya Initiative. Read on for a behind the scenes look at what we learnt..


    Behind all the glitz and glamour of the fashion is an ugly side. There is an incredible amount of textile waste and pollution produced by the fashion industry.


    The fashion industry has a devastating environmental and social impact on our planet. Pollution, unethical labour practices, deforestation, hydrocide, climate change, and ever-increasing waste generation has been intensified by the phenomenon of fast fashion.


    While it is crucial that fashion producers transform their business models given the industry's strong growth trajectory, we, the consumers, hold immense power in our ability to vote with our pounds and demand ethical, just and environmentally-friendly clothing.


    The apparel sector has a pivotal role to play in the transition to a low-carbon economy and we must start challenging the status quo of unsustainable fashion and take meaningful steps towards a sustainable and ethical system.


    Let us cultivate an ethic that is compassionate, that does not seek to profit from exploitation and that does not pollute or damage the earth - our planet to which we are mentally and physically connected.


    As consumers we can challenge the brands on what we want and what we'll buy - showing we care through the questions we ask and how we spend our money. As creatives we can challenge the system on what we sell, produce and promote - showing that there are other ways out there, new opportunities to explore that nourish our relationships with ourselves, each other and the natural world.


    Breaking long-standing habits and behavioural patterns is hard enough without a constant barrage of individually targeted advertising that is constantly tempting you into buying something you probably don't need, let alone really want.


    In order to support ourselves, each other and the right types of business let's maintain conversation, communication and community, whilst continuing to educate ourselves so we don't forget why it is we care and why, through our increasing awareness, we are changing our ways and living by example.