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    Salton Sea

    From London to the Salton Sea with Marco Walker.

    We went on the road out into to the Salton Sea where we discovered a lost paradise in a trailer park surreal city.  For two days the Salton Sea decaying shores were transformed into an immersive surreal art festival.

    The idea behind the Bombay Beach festival came from Tao Ruspoli, a Los Angeles filmmaker, who years ago became fascinated by the Salton Sea, a onetime tourist mecca straddling the Imperial and Coachella Valleys that has succumbed to environmental decay. Tao partnered up with Stephan Ashkenazy the brainchild behind Petite Ermitage along with art lover Lily Johnson White.

     You are all familiar with the works of Marco Walker – he shoots the Bex Rox campaigns, has had over 3 solo exhibitions and known for his bright colourful dynamic images.

    This time Marco decided to turn his work into a life size experiential installation.

    La Piscine



    Marco test drive his art work before the set up!

    We sat down with Marco to learn more about the thought process behind La Piscine.



    Marco, when you heard about Bombay Beach what were your first thoughts? 

    My first thoughts were that the Salton sea would be the perfect backdrop to create a life size collage within decaying apocalyptic landscape,   bringing back the glory of what was Bombay Beach back in the 50’s.

    Can you describe the experience of watching your first life size art work come to life? 

    First of all I didn’t know anything about the location.  Part of the process was creating the imagery and working with the natural landscape, it was pure improvisation. All the elements of the installation came together organically at the moment we let off the coloured smoke bombs.  At this stage the installation came alive and was able to sit back and watch the magic happen.  Trailer park chic! 



    What was the fascinating part of it? 

    It was seeing people create their own experience with the different images.  A hilarious moment was a private dance with the pink leopard.  

    As the wind blew it felt like each image came alive and spoke to you. 



    What’s next?

    I’m now on the road in the old Yugoslavia in search of the next Bombay gathering material for my next show.