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  • The Kuchi people
  • The Kuchi people

  • As part of our upcoming collaboration with Turquoise Mountain, we are taking you on an Afghan visual journey inspired by the Kuchi Tribe.


    From the backstreets of Kabul in Afghanistan, a few intrepid folk have been hand-picking their jewellery which is still as old and beautiful as it used to be 3000 years ago. The origin of this style of jewellery is believed to be from the crafts of the Kuchi tribe. They are a nomadic group of traders, living the life of gypsies throughout central Asia. Their jewellery is exuberant, joyful and eclectic - reflecting nomadic freedom in its style from the various cultures visited whilst travelling.


    Kuchi means 'nomad' in the Dari language. For centuries, Afghanistan's Kuchi population was on the move, following the seasons with their livestock in tow - nowadays, only a few thousand still follow their traditional livelihood of nomadic herding.


    The purely nomadic Kuchi have no fixed abode, and are dependent on animals for their livelihood; their movements are determinded by the weather and the availability of good pasturage.


    The women are the backbone of the tribe - trained to defend and picking up many skills along the way. Whenever they would go to a new region, they would exchange many things with the local women, including skills.