Rebecca is a nomad by nature with integral elegance and a lust for beauty, design and humanity. Born and raised in Menorca, an island in the Mediterranean, Bex set up Bex Rox London in 2009 after working as a fashion stylist in New York.

Her brand Bex Rox was sold in over 200 luxury department stores and multi-brand concept stores worldwide, such as Browns Fashion, Matches Fashion and Harrods, to name but a few. Bex also worked as a fashion stylist and creative director behind all her campaigns, creating imagery that is timeless and alive. Her jewellery is renowned for her statement, innovative and colourful designs with a sense of humour weaving through them. They are playful luxury with a point of difference.

Inspired by her love of cultures and her fascination for traditional techniques, Bex started working with the esteemed Fair Trade company MADE based in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi. Following that collection, Bex worked alongside Crea Africa to set up a mentoring jewellery workshop for local artisans in Nairobi, also supporting the Maasai tribe to inspire and develop their skills. Bex has supported NGO's in Swaziland 'Gone Rural' to create woven basket packaging, and in Jalisco, Mexico, to work with the indigenous Huichol people to develop beaded accessories. Her latest endeavour involves working closely with Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan and Myanmar, creating jewellery collections with transparency. The resulting collections prove that you can be ethical without compromising on quality and supporting artisans to make a difference.




The biggest goal, after all this hard research in our marketing today, is ensuring it is sustainable and a long-term growing relationship and not just a one-off sensation. To support, mentor, grow, develop, push capabilities and create impact whilst also inspiring and sharing her knowledge of indigenous tribes.


This led Bex to move onto her building passion to work on sustainable design for luxury brands as a white lablel design and development studio, along with private one-on-one consultations for custom made accessories. Now known as Bex Rox Studio, we bridge the gap between the luxury market and celebrating artisans worldwide with ease.

Bex's commercial expertise over the last 10 years from design and production to sales and marketing has facilitated the new direction to working for the good with Western appeal. Thorough groundwork has been undertaken - Bex has engaged NGO's, charities and tribes, tried and tested having worked on the ground, travelling to the remotest places in the world to help develop accessories and oversee ethical production to ensure hand-workers are celebrated, respected and mentored on how to grow.