About Bex Manners


Bex is a nomad by nature with integral elegance and a lust for beauty, design and humanity. Born and raised on an island in the Mediterranean, Menorca, Bex set up Bex Rox London in 2009 after working as a fashion stylist and creative director in New York producing imagery that is timeless and alive. 


Bex Rox London is renowned for timeless, bold innovative designs with character, texture and a sense of playfulness weaving through them. Contemporary esoteric accessories with a point of difference. 


Bex Rox London was launched by Browns Focus and was quickly picked up by over 200 luxury department stores and multi brand concept boutiques in over 20 countries worldwide.  In 2009 Bex Rox was awarded best emerging talent by  Coutts  Private Bank. 


Inspired by Bex’s lust for travel, her appreciation for indigenous cultures and her fascination for traditional techniques, In 2009, Bex started working with the esteemed Fair Trade company MADE based in Kibera, a slum in Nairobi to create a collection of recycled brass for Whistles. Following that collection Bex worked alongside Crea Africa to set up a mentoring jewellery workshop for local artisans in Nairobi also supporting massai beaders to inspire and develop their skills as a social enterprise which was sold exclusively to the One & Only Luxury Resorts. 


Over the past 10 years Bex has engaged communities, developed and sold collections created in over 8 countries supporting artisanal handmade products. Bex has been supporting NGO’s globally from Swaziland “Gone Rural” to create woven basket packaging, to Tusk in Africa, to Jalisco, Mexico, to work with the indigenous Huichol people developing beaded accessories in collaboration with other brands such as the art and music festival in Careyes, Ondalinda. 


In 2017 Bex realised that the pace she was working at creating “fast paced” collections season after season was simply not right.  She got a calling to put Bex Rox on ice and follow her passions to go on a personal 'jewellery pilgrimage' to South East Asia.  Bex continued her lifetime study learning about indigenous cultures and gain thorough knowledge of the processes behind artisanal products and search for the Masters of their specific craft. This led Bex specifically to Myanmar and Indonesia where she is now based part time. 


“This past year I have been able to come back to my authentic self, challenge myself by diving into the unknown, gain imperative knowledge about necessary subjects such as transparency, sustainability, connectivity, humanity, spirituality. The celebration of life she says.  It has led me to understand my purpose as a creative” she continues. A celebration of the arts and the makers behind them working on the ground to look for innovative solutions to preserve cultural heritage through crafts-peoples traditional techniques that are in danger of dying out.” 


Through collaboration and partnerships Bex has transitioned what she calls her “unsustainable” fast paced contemporary brand Bex Rox London to one that supports the “Art of Slow conscious artisanal craft” through a process of design intervention.  Bex has been able to build a sacred portfolio of Masters of Craft across the globe and has evolved to create Bex Rox Studio. 


Bex Rox Studio is an ethical  holistic design studio for curated mindful collaborations.