Bex Rox is a British luxury costume jewellery brand based in the heart of Notting Hill; renowned for its magnetic fastenings and innovative designs.


Easily recognised by its textural, confident and colourful pieces with an edge, Bex Rox draws inspiration from across the globe and epitomises the essence of cultures, travel and nature.


With a sense of humour that weaves throughout the collections, Bex Rox is bold, alive and dynamic. From the detailed designs to the weight and fit of each piece, Bex Rox prides itself on detail and craftsmanship.


Bex Rox was founded in 2009, launching exclusively in Browns in London. Today, in 2017, Bex is proud to announce that Bex Rox now works on a private commission basis, along with pre-orders on all collections. Every piece is hand-crafted, working with NGO's around the globe to support local communities. We offer a white label design and development service to bridge the gap between luxury and traditional techniques.


Bex is working with NGO's in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Haiti, Mexico and Africa to develop products that celebrate and respect the artisans' heritage. This is a growing project to support and re-shape communities through sustainable design and development.


The resulting collections prove that you can be ethical and supportive of other cultures without going into mass production, and without comprimising on quality.





Born and raised on Spain's Balearic Islands, Bex Manners started her fashion career as a stylist's assistant in New York, working for publications such as French Vogue and W Magazine. She taught herself to make jewellery following a desire to be able to fulfill the requests from stylists she worked for - to source pieces of jewellery that she was unable to find or felt did not currently exist in the market. It was here the idea of a jewellery label was born. Bex then moved back to London to launch Bex Rox in 2009.


Bex has collaborated with numerous brands, including milliner to the royals Jess Collett, sunglasses designer Prism, the iconic multi-brand boutique Browns Focus, and has created exclusive collections for Whistles and Selfridges.


Bex has combined her love of other cultures with her desire to keep traditional techniques alive through her work with local communities and charities across the world. This is something that Bex has sustained since launching Bex Rox and is now following her passion to concentrate on fair trade and bespoke sustainable design.