April 20th, 2016

Bex Rox Interviews Chelsea Leyland


We caught up with Chelsea Leyland right before she took to the stage to DJ at Coachella. She gives us the low down on all of her Coachella tips and tricks, from what she’ll be wearing to her ultimate essentials…

What are you three Coachella essentials and why?  

Rose water to keep skin moist as it’s so dry. Eye Drops also because it’s so dry and good little pouchy bags – to put all your little essentials in when you are in the crowd dancing.


What is your Coachella schedule and what are you most excited about? 

My schedule is pretty jammed pack. Djing for Lieberskin party today and tomorrow I dj for Poppy’s (Delevingne) solid and stripe party following by a pop sugar party where Aluna George is performing I believe. Then for the rest of the time I’m hoping to be at the festival.


Current favourite tune and why? 

Tough question as I have about 20 all falling under different genres, but if I had to pick one I’d say Abra – Fruit because it makes me feel good and I love love the beat she’s also ‘totally rad’ as they say in America haha.


You’re rocking the Leda Pendant, what will you be wearing with it?

Little Lacey or floral dresses or vintage navy Jean shorts paired with cute little vintage white cotton top. Then I may wear for the evening something more casual: vintage Levi jeans a Tat Naka velvet bomber and Dr Marten leopard brogues…. more of a comfy boyish vibe.


Your festival mantra?  

It’s not a festival without blood sweat and tears.




 Thank you Chelsea!! Check out Chelsea’s mixes on https://soundcloud.com/chelsealeyland