February 15th, 2016

Martini Moment


VOGA POSE: Martini Moment

Had one too many Martini Moments over the weekend? Come back to life with our weekly Voga pose.

YOGA POSE: Salamba Bhujangasana – (Pigeon) This is a floor pose. Start lying on the ground on your front, tucking your right leg at a right angle beneath your body, rating hip to heel your chin in your hands. Pulse the back left leg.

BENEFITS: Stretches and lengthens the spines, opens the shoulders, tones the butt, relieves stress, calms the mind and strengthens the quads.

Juliet is wearing our Iconic chain on chain cuff, an every day staple and the Araceli necklace, a statement piece for all occasions.

Don’t forget, we’re still offering a free Voga session with every Bex Rox purchase!


Chain on Chain Bracelet, Araceli Necklace


Photography: @jamiemcgregorsmith

Bikini: @nlpwomen